The sun is fading, the night is coming earlier and the rain is persistent… time to say goodbye to summer.

While we still have the odd sprinkling of half-decent weather, we recommend a big household check to ensure that everything is as it should be ready for when winter hits.

Here’s our checklist to help you out…

  • Wrap those DIY projects up
    Although you may be thinking of getting in those last-minute DIY projects to get them completed in time for Christmas (yes, we mentioned the dreaded C word already, sorry!), remember that frost can affect sand and cement mortar badly. Frost damage can affect the structural integrity of cement and mortar; the temperature must be above 3 degrees on a building site to carry out such work, so unless you want to run the risk of having to do things twice, get these jobs wrapped up and competed before the temperature drops.
  • Check your heating
    We know a lot of people like to be conservative and wait until the very latest they can before switching the heating on, however it is definitely worth doing a check beforehand to ensure that it is all in working order. Not only will this give you time to get it fixed if needed before the cold kicks in, but it will hopefully give you a chance to get it done before the plumber’s prices skyrocket, as they seem to do every winter.
    Alongside this you should also think about getting your boiler serviced if needed, again before the demand increases, prices increase and availability becomes scarce.
  • Check your expansion tank
    If there are any faults with your heating, it could be down to the expansion tank. Save yourself the time and money of having someone else check by doing it yourself. There is a simple test you can carry out to check your loft feed and expansion tank is working; move the float arm up and down a couple of times while watching to check the valve lets in water and then shuts the water off. If it doesn’t, at least you can direct your heating engineer straight here.
  • Get insulating
    Do you have the recommended amount of insulation that you should have? Now is a good time to check.
  • Check for drafts
    Before the wind comes blowing in, get draught-proofing your windows, doors and anywhere else that it can sneak in through – don’t forget your letterbox!
  • Do an exterior wall & roof check
    While there is still reasonable enough weather, spend some time outside checking your walls and roof for cracks, breaks, flakes, soil or debris that could lead to leaks, damp, mould or rot.
  • Clear your drains and gutters
    Avoid blockages, bursts, leaks and damp by clearing your drains, gutters and gullies.
  • Get cleaning your patios and decking
    Slippery patios and decking can be a real hazard, to try to avoid this, make sure they are clean and clear. Use a pressure washer or some anti-fungal cleaner to get the job done.

Need any help with your projects or checks? Get in touch to see how we can help or visit one of our branches today.

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