Summer is on its way, the sun has come back, BBQs have been fired up and the tans are starting to appear…

But if you’re already starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by the increased social activity and feel like you need somewhere to escape to, we have one word for you – summerhouse.

Summerhouse, man cave, she-shed, garden retreat…

Whatever you call it, it can be your private little piece of tranquillity, your space to let loose or your workshop.

You could go for walls or no-walls, tin or shingled roof, concrete or wooden flooring… there are a range of different possibilities.

We’ve gathered together a mix of our favourite designs, all of which are made of core material we can supply, cut and deliver for you – take a look to find out more.

Photo credit: RENOQUOTES

Photo credit: One Garden

Photo credit: Pinterest / Walton Garden Buildings

Photo credit: Pinterest / Brit Morin

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