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Winter is on it’s way, bringing a whole host of hazard and dangers for construction workers.

We’ve put together some of our key tips for helping you stay safe in this cold weather.

Limit exposure

Sounds simple, but many workers will prefer to just ‘power on through’ and stay outside until they have finished what needs to be done. By doing this you are pushing your body against it’s nature; we aren’t conditioned to be outdoor in elements such as wind and snow for long periods of time, so the longer we are, the more unproductive we become and the more we put ourselves at risk. Try to plan ahead, if you know the weather is expected to be bad, schedule the outside work in smaller, more manageable chunks.

Review & remove

Before you start on each site, make sure you carry out a thorough review to ensure there has been no damage caused or new potential hazards are there. As well as the obvious, remember to check for damage to your surroundings such as power lines and trees.

Once you have checked, remove any of these hazards, as well as any lingering snow or ice. Yes, this could be a hassle and take a bit of time initially but it will be worth it.

Prepare you workers

This includes making sure they have the appropriate clothing (boots with non-slip soles, coats, gloves, hats), their vehicles have been winter checked and have the relevant emergency kits (containing an ice scraper, tow chain, torch, batteries, a blanket, snacks and water); and know what to do if they have an accident or get stranded. The thought of paying for all of this could be daunting but you should provide requirements or recommendations on factors such as clothing at the very least.

(Source: Border States Solutions)

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