The first question you should ask when deciding on which timber to use for a job is whether it is going to be an inside or outside project.


If the project is going to be outdoors then hard woods are the most suitable for the job, however certain woods such as pine could also be used once treated.

Treating timber to prevent rot and decay is fairly common but can also be quite expensive. It is also not always necessary as there are a range of woods with higher natural resistance to decay:

High Resistance

Cedar, European Oak, Idigbo, Ipe, Iroko, Black Walnut

Medium Resistance

Douglas Fir, Larch, Sapele, Meranti

It is important to remember that when you use hard woods outside they will change in colour and need regular maintenance.

Factors you should take into consideration if you are a planning an outside project are:

  • How much direct sunlight it will receive
  • How much rain it will be exposed to
  • Whether it will have direct contact with the ground

Once you know these contact us and we can help you decide which timber is right for you.


If your project is indoors then there is more variation on what type you will need depending on the requirements from the final project. If you need it to be strong and sturdy, for example if you were building a banister, then oak or beech would be the best choice. If the project is something lighter however, such as cupboards, then soft woods like pine are more suitable for the job.

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