At Bedford Timber Supplies, we have the option to treat timber whether it be in its original size or purposely machined to your requirements.
We have three different options that can be selected:

Green Treatment

Osmose “Naturewood” – CCA alternative, this is a new generation of timber preservative offering long term protection against fungal decay and wood-boring insects.

Brown Treatment

CCA alternative providing an attractive walnut brown colour, ideal for fencing and landscaping materials. Although the colour shade depends on the type/species of wood treated, our brown treatment has now established itself as one of the most consistent on the market. This allows you to maintain a uniform colour in runs of feather-edged fence, for example.

Organic Solvent

Solvent based wood preservative ideal for joinery and machined material where dimensional stability is important. This premium product is not to be confused with water based vacuum treatments. It is specially formulated for joinery work – using solvent in place of water prevents grain swelling and is quick during. This means joinery can be machined before treatment and then glued and assembled soon afterwards

Interior & Exterior Fire Retardant treatments for timber are also available.

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