Fences are an important part of your garden and property. A fence can bring style as well as privacy to your house; however a damaged, derelict fence can have the opposite affect- making your property look shabby and uninviting.

So if you are thinking about replacing your fencing here are a few questions to consider before you make any decisions…

Where is your property line?

If this fence sections off your property it is a good time to check that it is in the right location.

What lies beneath?

Even if the fence is going exactly where a previous one was, it is a good idea to check there are no pipes or wires running directly underneath it. You don’t want to run the risk of digging that little bit too deep and bursting a pipe.

What are your long term plans?

If you are planning on getting a pet, having children or installing new garden features, it is important you take this into consideration. You probably won’t want to be replacing this fence for the next few years so it has to work for whatever your plans may be. For example, a three-foot picket fence might not be the best choice if you’ll be having a baby or getting a dog in the near future.

Which style and material will work best?

There are a variety of different fencing styles and materials. We can help you decide which one is right for you – give us a call.

At Bedford Timber we are experts in supplying everything for all your fencing needs, whether it be bespoke or standard panels, concrete or wooden posts or for all types of boarding. Contact us to find out what will work best for you.