Timber decking has become a popular way to add value and beauty to your garden and is a great place to relax or entertain. Although, with winter fast approaching, decking risks becoming weathered, rotten and uninviting.

Luckily, there is a solution to help your timber decking survive the British Winter. Before you start the first thing you need to do is to ensure your decking is clean!

How to clean your deck…

Start by clearing your decking of any furniture or potted plants then give it a good sweep to remove any leaves and debris.

Once your decking is clear, you can use a hose with a spray attachment (or a pressure washer if you have one) to wash it down. If you are using a pressure washer, it should be smaller than 1500 psi – anything more powerful could damage your deck. Our advice would be to start at one end and spray your deck down following the grain of the timber.

Next, you’ll need to use some decking cleaner which can be purchased from your local Bedford Timber Supplies Depot.

TOP TIP: Make sure that you do NOT use any Chlorine based bleach, although this will clean your decking, it will break up the Lignin in the timber (which holds the wood together!)

You’ll need to follow the instructions on the product carefully and make sure you apply the decking cleaner to small, manageable sections of your deck; we’d suggest three to four boards at a time. Once the cleaner is applied scrub it with a scrubbing brush.

You’ll then need to rinse your decking thoroughly, remembering to follow the direction of the grain. Once rinsed, decking boards need to be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before you apply a stain or paint.

How to prepare to paint or stain your deck…

There are a few tools available when it comes to painting or staining your deck, from rollers to sprayers; however not all stains or paints will work with each tool. So make sure you check the product instructions for the correct tool to use before you start.

Once you’re happy you have the right stain/paint and the right tool for the job, give your stain/paint a real good stir. Be sure to stir not shake it as this will cause bubbles.

Now find a small inconspicuous part of your decking so you can test the colour and make sure you’re happy with it! Don’t forget the colour will change as it dries so give it enough time to dry to ensure you are completely happy with your choice.

How to paint your deck…

If you’re happy the colour is right for you, start in the furthest corner away and work your way back. There’s nothing worse than getting ¾ of the way through your decking to realise you’ve trapped yourself in!

Work along the boards with a generous coating on your brush or roller.

TOP TIP: If you have any small splits or cracks, pour some extra paint over them – it’ll help to fill them in.

Once you’ve painted your deck, ensure to wash your roller or brush thoroughly whilst you let your deck dry. Once dry and providing you’re happy that the deck doesn’t need any further coats, you are then good to put your furniture back onto the decking.

It is always best to raise potted plants off the deck this will prevent unwanted water stains developing underneath the pots. This will also help your plants by allowing excess water to drain.

Finished Product

Your deck should now be ready to survive even the toughest of winters!

We recommend treating your decking at least once a year. However if you’re looking for a deck you won’t have to treat every again, why not speak to us about our Trex Composite Decking. With a 25 year residential guarantee, once installed all you’ll have to do to your decking is enjoy it.

For any queries, contact us here.