We know how amazing timber is and the wide range of products it can be used to create, but even we were surprised at some of the timber creations we have come across in this innovative world.

We were so impressed we thought we should share some of these ingenious (and also slightly crazy) ideas with you…

Oak Volkswagen Beetle

First up is a fully functioning VW Beetle which a 71 year-old pensioner fashioned together from over 50,000 pieces of oak. That’s one way to spend retirement! Read more here.

HMS Victory Wooden Replica

Over to ships now and artist Ian Brennan spent 17 years painstakingly carving a wooden replica of the HMS Victory. The meticulous project also includes 200ft of intricate rope, 104 miniature guns, 37 little wind-filled sails, and flags spelling out Nelson’s stirring signal- ‘England expects every man to do his duty’. We are very impressed with the level of detail this guy has gone to with this. Read more here.

Reclaimed Timber Tiger

Last on the list is a giant timber tiger which was created by 200 young Hungarian architects out of reclaimed timber.
Read more here.

What timber projects do you have in mind? Have these inspired you to think a bit more out-of-the-box? Make sure you share pictures of any of your projects with us, we’d love to see what you’ve been building.

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