Creating a great project isn’t just about buying quality timber. It’s about getting the right size piece of wood and treating it in the right way, so you get the best result possible.

That is why we offer three key wood treatment services – cutting, pressure treating and priming – to make sure you walk away with exactly what you need, whether it is for a DIY project in your garden or a three-story extension for your customer.

Gavin Lines, Bedford Depot Manager, explained: “It can be hard to know where to go to get your timber pressure treated, primed, or cut to a high standard. Especially if you have never done it before.

“That is why we offer precision wood cutting in our Bedford mill and wood treatment services right here at our Bedford-based depot for both our DIY, public and trade customers. It is important to us that we offer an all-round building service, and we have the skills and experience to do just that.

“We want our customers to go away with the exact material they want, treated in the correct way. We offer advice to new customers and help with wood cutting and treating services in any way we can.”

Here is a quick round up of our three key treatment services – wood cutting, pressure treatment and priming. Or you can read more about it on our Services Page.


We offer a cutting service for all our wood-based materials, including sheet materials. Over many years, Bedford Timber Supplies has established a reputation for precision cutting, so if you’re looking to match up to an existing pattern or create your own design, we can help.

Cross Cutter – Our Cross Cutter cuts timber to specific lengths.

Re-Saw – With this machine, we can cut custom fittings, posts or simply cut timber into the size that you require for a project or development. At full capacity this machine can saw 80-100 metres per minute.

High-Tech Moulder – Our state-of-the-art Moulder allows us to plane and profile any piece of timber up to 220mm (width) x 120mm (depth). With over 200 different cutters in our tool shed, there’s a good chance we will have the right cutter for you. If not, you can have one made. 

Pressure Treatment

Green Treatment, Osmose Naturewood (CCA alternative) – This is a new generation of timber preservative offering long-term protection against fungal decay and wood-boring insects.

Brown Treatment (CCA alternative) – Creating an attractive walnut brown colour, ideal for fencing and landscaping materials.

Organic Solvent – Solvent based wood preservative ideal for joinery and machined material where dimensional stability is important.

Interior & Exterior Fire-Retardant treatments for timber are also available. 


Primer – Wood primer is the undercoat put on wood before you paint it. Using a wood primer increases the durability of your paint job, ensures better adhesion, and helps protect the wood. 

Stainer – Staining wood is a great way to ensure the piece ages well over time. It protects against moisture, rot and sunlight discolouration. It also keeps the wood looking aesthetically pleasing for longer whilst still showing the natural grain. 

If you have a question, would like more information or want to place an order, contact us now.