Plastering can be a difficult process, but if you are attempting to tackle it at home, you need to make sure you are using the right one. We stock Thistle plasters made by British Gypsum, used by the pros themselves.

Multi-Finish Plaster

This is a top coat plaster which is suitable for a great finish on all the other surfaces. It’s main purpose it to be used as a finishing plaster when there are a variety of different backing surfaces to be covered.

HardWall Plaster

This is similar to Browning plaster, apart from that it offers a higher impact resistance and is a quicker drying surface. This is the most commonly used undercoat plaster used these days and can be applied to most masonry surfaces.

Bonding Coat Plaster

This is an undercoat plaster, so the first coat, or undercoat, that would be applied. After being trowelled off, it is scratched with a nail to give a ‘key’ for the top coat, or finish plaster to adhere to. This plaster has real ‘stickability’, without needed an absorbent surface to bond to.

Dri-Coat Plaster

This is a cement-based plaster which can be used when resurfacing a wall after the installation of a new DPC.

A full list of our different plaster types can be found on our Building Materials page