Have you been dreaming about getting stuck into some DIY woodworking projects, and just don’t know where to start?

Well, here are four easy beginners’ woodworking ideas to get you started, that you don’t need a shed full of tools to crack on with.

  1. Bookshelves
    Creating some bookshelves is a fun and creative way to dip your toe into the woodworking world. You can use whatever timber takes your fancy (although we recommend pine) and either create the standards shape bookshelf or do something a bit unusual. You can then treat or paints the timber, and fix it to the walls or stand it on two legs. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Photo Holders
    Photo holders are a pretty easy way to begin your woodworking journey. All you need is a block of timber and a cutting tool. You then cut the wood to the size you require, make a cut for the photo to slot in, and then decorate the holder in any way your desire. A quick and easy DIY fix for a quiet weekend morning.
  3. Coaster
    No one likes to see drink rings on their coffee tables (especially if it a beautiful wooden one you have made yourself – although that is a project for another day). So why not start off by making some fun wooden coasters. You can stick with the standard circle shape or go crazy with something a bit more unusual. Either way they give a great, personal touch to your living room and protect your furniture at the same time.
  4. Serving Board
    Wouldn’t it be great to have friends round and serve them nibbles on a serving board you have made by hand? This is a great way to start your woodworking hobby. Just pick up a beautiful piece of timber from us, cut it into the size you want, treat it and voila – you have a great new serving board to show off.

If you are not sure what timber to use for these projects, or want to discuss cutting and treatment techniques, just give one of our team a call and we are happy to have a chat. All details are available on the Contact Us Page of our website.