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Transform your garden into a work of art...


Bark Chippings

Play Grade Bark is a quality, reddish brown, decorative ornamental pine bark which is ideal for use in children’s play areas. It is tested to BSEN1177:2008 regarding impact absorption. Play Grade Bark can also be used as a decorative bark mulch to inhibit weed development, improve moisture retention and act as insulation for plant roots, reducing plant loss in cold weather.

  • Type of bark – pine
  • Free flowing, easy to barrow and rake out
  • Sustainable
  • Consistent appearance
  • Free of chemical contamination
  • Uses: Play areas, general garden use, equestrian use




Ensuring you have high quality topsoil is essential to provide early establishment and development of turf, seed, trees, shrubs, vegetables and plants. It is the foundation of healthy landscaping, and as such, it is essential to know the composition and source.

Produced from a blend of natural topsoil recycled from prime arable land and soil conditioners that provide added levels of organic matter, our topsoils are readily broken down, extremely spreadable and easy to work with, even when wet, whilst retaining moisture naturally. Whether you are planting, laying turf, vegetable gardening, landscaping or constructing raised beds, Bedford Timber Supplies can supply a topsoil suitable for your application.

Our topsoils are supplied and delivered in convenient bulk bags, which help to keep the work area tidy and reduce wastage that wind and rain can cause. Our topsoils are available for a variety of uses such as turfing, planting and landscaping. Blended loam mixes can be supplied.


Fencing -small


We have a huge range of fencing products – look at our Fencing section




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New or reclaimed, hardwood or softwood, treated or untreated, big or small, long or short the options are endless for calling a piece of wood a sleeper.

Whether you are planning a raised bed, retaining wall, pond or steps in the garden, you will find railway sleepers an excellent material to use. Whether you are building a fireplace, door lintel, bench or table-top you will discover that railway sleepers have the answer to all your creative dreams.

Wooden railway sleepers have been used for centuries for railway lines to fasten to. Nowadays, although still wildly used on the railway track, their popularity is increasing with landscapers, builders and furniture makers. Railway sleepers are solid, long-lasting and full of character. Light or dark coloured, square edged or rounded, new or weathered, modern or old… there’s everything for everyone! It all depends on the project you’re creating and the effect that you want.




For more information see our Aggregates page




Our Welsh slate is sourced from Northern Wales and is a flat angular product that comes in blue, grey, green and plum and is available in both 40mm and 20mm sizes. Our slate is pastel in appearance when dry and comes to life when wet. They will complement any garden landscaping project, pathway, driveway and much more.

  • Uses: Borders, ponds, rockeries, flower beds
  • Delivery options: Loose tip, bulk bag, Mini bag