If it is your first time working with wood, you may feel a bit confused about which finish will give you the best possible results – Wood Stain or Wood Oil.

So, we thought we’d take some time to highlight the difference between the two and the benefits of each.

Wood Stain

Wood stain is probably the most well-known wood finish. It feels like varnish when applied and has strong pigments, in a variety colours and tones.

Wood Stain can completely transform a plain piece of wood, giving it a new, vibrant colour and making it look fantastic.

But staining a piece of wood isn’t just about making it look better. Wood Stains offer a sealing, almost plastic-like layer to your wood, protecting it from the sun damage and weathering elements and making it last longer.

You can pick up Quick Drying Wood Stain, Barnjacket and Clear Varnish at the shops at both our Bedford and St Neots Depots. Or take a look at the Wood Products Page on our website.

Wood Oils

If you think of Wood Stains like a varnish for your wood, then Wood Oil is more like a lotion. Wood Oil is particularly good at improving the durability of your wood. It is absorbed deep into the wood and is very nourishing. Wood Oils prevent moisture damage and often contain UV filters that delay sun damage.

But Wood Oil also enhances the appearance of your wood. Wood Oil can be clear or coloured. If you choose a coloured wood oil, the colour is usually very similar to the natural colour of the wood you are using. And clear Wood Oil just enhances the existing colour and grain of the wood.

You can pick up Teak Oil, Raw Linseed Oil and Boiled Linseed Oil at the shops at both our Bedford and St Neots Depots. Or take a look at the Wood Products Page on our website.

Which should I use?

The choice is ultimately yours. Both Wood Oil and Wood Stain improve the look of wood and protect against the elements.

Stains are great for completely changing the color of wood, but are notoriously difficult to lift, strip and remove if you want to change the look of your project in the future.

Wood Oils will nourish, enhance and maintain the longevity of the wood’s natural color, but coloured oils don’t always match the colour on the tin as closely as stains.

Still not sure which one to use? Why not give one of our team members a call and they will help you decide which product is best for your project. Find all the details on the Contact Page of our website.