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Rafters, beams and joists all supplied to your requirements...

Roof Trusses

Trussed rafters are individually designed components, manufactured form kiln dried, strength graded timber. Members are joined with steel nailplate fasteners engineered to provide a structural frame to support the roof fabric, ceilings and/or floors together with mechanisms, they are used to construct trussed rafter roofs on a wide range of building types.

In today’s competitive market, trussed rafters stand alone as a sophisticated and highly engineered timber product, with complex design and superior creation reinforced by high product standards.
Compared with other methods of roof construction, trussed rafters represent the most cost effective and flexible design option available.

Through our preferred external suppliers we can offer trusses on a nation bases.

Our suppliers trussed rafters are produced CE mark requirements and manufactured to meet ISO9001 quality assurance. A complete package, covering hipped roves, attic trusses, special roof systems ad loose infill material.

Full range of roof building ironmongery also available.

Bedford Timber Supplies can supply trusses to specification for all types of applications, residential and commercial, providing calculations and layout drawings with each order.

JJI Joists

The JJI-Joist is a structurally engineered timber joist, combining high-grade softwood with an engineered composite panel. Using advanced technology these components are combined to produce an innovative alternative to conventional constructive timber. They are produced on the first purpose made I-Joist production line in the UK, custom built to produce JJI-joists to UK preferred dimensions.

JJI-Joists are available in a range of sizes familiar to the UK Construction Industry with joists depths ranging from 195mm to 450mm. JJI-Joists are constructed from 9mm OSB web and C24 softwood flanges ranging from 45mm to 97mm in width

Glulam Beam

From our preferred external suppliers we offer a complete design package. We take your concept and then prepare detailed plans and ensure your Glulam product is delivered on time and to specification.
Glulam straight beams can be cut beams to length and ensure prompt delivery. We have been involved in both small and large projects. Consulting with architects, project managers and builders to ensure projects are finished on time and within budget.
A core feature of the Glulam project is its inherent load bearing strength. This strength allows architects to design large wooden spans offering shapes and lines pleasing to the eye and of a tactile nature. The use of large spans creates open spaces, which gives a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.


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